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Light Duty Free Standing Mobile Towers

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Access Scaffolding's lightweight mobile towers and doorway scaffolding is the efficient access answer to those situations where space is restricted or for getting into those tricky areas.

With Access Scaffolding's variety of models, you will have your internal maintenance access problems solved.

Simply assemble your mobile workstation and let the work begin.

Standard Features of Access Scaffolding:

  • Rapid erection and dismantle (no tools required)
  • Colour-coded components
  • Non marking polyurethane tyres
  • Compatible standard scaffolding couplers
  • All standards, transoms and braces manufactured from 48.4mm ø x 2.6mm wall thickness structural tube
  • 450mm height adjustment for uneven surfaces
  • Lightweight easily moved
Light Duty Mobile Tower Light Duty Mobile Tower with Outrigger

Additional varying options:

  • Width: 0.7m, Length 1.3m 2.0m 2.5m 3.0m, any combination possible, static or fixed.

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