Erection Guidelines


Scaffolding can provide an efficient and safe means to perform work. However, unsafe scaffolding procedures can lead to accidents, serious injuries and death. This guide makes clear that planning ahead for the erection, use and dismantling of scaffolding can substantially reduce scaffold-related accidents and injuries. Compliance with the manufacturer's instructions, the use of this guide and compliance with all scaffolding standards will help ensure a safer workplace for employees.

Safety and health in the workplace is everyone's responsibility. Employers must be aware of workplace hazards facing their workers, and they must take appropriate action to minimize or eliminate exposure to these hazards. Workers are responsible for following the policies, procedures and training requirements established by their employers.

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Important: Carry out risk assessment and check for potential hazards before erecting scaffold.

Please note: When horizontals are clipped to standards (vertical component) they are designed for sideways deflection only and are not load supporting. Therefore do not step on these horizontals when climbing into the scaffold. Do not stand on mid-rails or handrails.